RBX (short for ROTOBOX) introduces a revolutionary new construction of carbon fiber wheels with a
radical shape and totally new box like construction. RBX created the newest generation of high
performance wheels which will set a new standard of quality, durability and strength and will take the
industry to new levels of riding excellence.
Its hollow spokes create air pockets, increasing air volume, improving tire grip and maintaining a
constant tire temperature. Rotobox construction concentrates most of its mass on the center of the
wheel, therefore a smaller moment of inertia and a smaller gyroscopic effect resulting in a machine that
wants to turn and invites the motorcycle and its rider to do so with ease in all phases of riding.

The control over the motorcycle is improved dramatically; acceleration and braking becomes much
easier, faster and smoother by shaving considerable amount of unsprung weight off the motorcycle. A
completely new technology with no seems features dry carbon by joining the hubs with a carbonic base
which allows for substantially higher torsic load, changing the way riders look at carbon fiber wheels
forever; its safe, yes it’s strong, and yes, they have reinvented the wheel, and invite you to come along
for the ride.
General information about RotoBox Wheels
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Technical data

* Dry carbon technology composite for body
* Stainless steel wire for rim
* Powder coated 7075 aluminum alloy for hubs and sprocket carrier
* 7075 aluminum alloy for spacers
* Polyurethane for dumpers
* SKF bearings
* Aluminum race air valve


* Front: 3.5” x 17”
* Rear: 6” x 17”


* Measured dimension: Front 3.5” x 17”, Rear 6” x 17”
* Complete set of wheels without brake rotors and sprocket
* Depending on motorcycle; from 6800g (11.2 lbs) to 7100g (15.5 lbs)
Sprocket Pitch
Number of Teeth
Driven Aluminum Rear Sprockets for the Rotobox wheel

Specific sprocket with centering diameter 76 mm, 5 hole M10 on
wheelbase diameter 100 mm specifically for the RBX Wheel

* Heavy duty cushion drive with polyurethane dumpers

Compatibility with stock bikes

* Stock brake rotors fit to RBX as wheels are made for each
motorcycle according to the model and the production year of the
* Specific sprocket with centering diameter 76 mm, 5 hole M10 on
wheelbase diameter 100 mm only fits to RBX.


* Maximum static force Front: 150 kg, 330 lbs Rear: 250 kg, 550 lbs
* Maximum wheel working temperature 80 °C, 176 °F
* Maximum pressure 4 bar, 60 psi


* 1 year with proper use
Free $235 upgrade!

Wheels come
shipped in safe and
secure Aluminum

We'll leave those little
cardboard boxes for
the other guys.
Sicom carbon ceramic rotors not included.

Shown here for the BMW S1000RR!
When compared to BST wheels for the BMW
S1000RR, the ROTOBOX Wheels aren't just
lighter, they're lighter at the rim's edge,
offering 20% less MOI !!!
(click images to see larger, detailed pictures)
Order your ROTOBOX Sprockets here!
Not required for single sided swingarm applications

Default color is Black, Available with a Sprocket Tooth count of 36-44 in 520 and 525 pitches.
Select Pitch
Enter Tooth Count
Bikes With Single Sided
Select Option
Select Finish
Valve Stem & Logo Color
Enter year/make/model
Bikes With Dual Sided
Need to add sprocket Below
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Select Finish
Valve Stem & Logo Color
Enter year/make/model
Colored Hub Parts

Add some color to your wheels
by getting the Aluminum Center
Parts Colored
Decal Kits

A great way to style and color to
your bike!  Choose from one of
three premade kits that are
applied BEFORE clear coat!
Selecy Option
Rim Stripe
Free Style
Colored Sprocket

And for the bikes that need a
sprocket, you can get it color
matched too! Requires
purchase of sprocket above
Custom Decal Kit or Colors

Want a truly unique look?  Then send us your graphic, logo, etc...
CONTACT US and let us know.