Yoshimura Inspection Plug For the S1000RR/S1000R

Yoshimura has consistently payed close attention to the minor
details, and you should do the same. All of our hard parts work in
conjunction with each other to give your BMW a uniform aftermarket
Yoshimura Oil Filler Plug For the S1000RR/S1000R

Yoshimura has proved once more that even the most simple of parts
can have room for improvment. Not only does this plug look great, it
is also CNC machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum for a perfect fit
and Pre-drilled for safety wire, and then anodized black
- Innovative Components
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• All plates are machined from 6061 billet alloy
• Anodized to further increase corrosion resistance and
• Each piece is carefully inspected and laser etched with
our logo
• Allows you to eliminate fresh air injection into your
exhaust system
• Each kit comes complete with a cap for airbox
• Made in the USA
Fresh air injected into the exhaust system on modified sport bikes
can cause backfires in the head pipes and muffler due to unburnt
fuel from modified fuel mapping combined with additional oxygen
spontaneously combusting in a high heat environment.

Driven's block off plates will stop the annoying and possibly
damaging backfires from occurring while allowing you to remove a
few pounds in associated valves and hoses from your bike.

On late model EFI bikes with 02 sensors, ESPECIALLY when using
Fueling controlers like the Rapidbike, the air injection system MUST
be blocked as it will introduce additional oxygen into the system
which will skew your 02 sensor's values and make it impossible to
get a correct tune.  Made in the USA.
Driven Engine Block Off Plates for the S1000RR/S1000R
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