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The new up-graded high efficient airfilter can now be installed without the std. filter
holder. With this new design the seal to the airbox is better &  increases the airflow
between the filter frame and plate and therefore more performance . We were able
to lower the plate and therefore the adjustment kit MWR-500 (see below) can be
installed as well .
The wide foam material offers  barely measurable air resistance! The surface is as
large as possible. The filters are impregnated with MWR special oil, so that even the
smallest dust particles adhere. The oil and filter materials are naturally
The airsplitter plate distributes the incoming air across all 4 intake channels. The
incoming turbulent air is stabilized and accelerated around the edge of the
airsplitter plate, this means greater volume evenly distributed throughout the
airbox.  All inlets will get the same quantity of air, regardless of speed on the
motorcycle and the wind direction on the track .  This new design of air filter has
shown a reduction of up to 8db of intake noise in testing as well as an increase in
power. MotoGP, WSBK, WSS and Moto2 are already using this technology.

The Full Race filter, developed on the track , NOT on a dyno but in real life , bikes
with Dataloggers  for the ultimate performance , with new materials and new design,
protection is on the same level as the filters above , only for a shorter time. Check
after every race weekend your filter. Make sure you start evey race weekend with a
well oiled filter.

Caution: Remapping the
ECU or the Power Commander is highly recommended.
Only use MWR cleaner and air filter oil .
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Just like the Filter for the S1000RR/S1000R, But for the R1200 motor!!

With just the HE Airfilter and a simple map on a Bazzaz, We got an
R1200S up to 115 hp at the wheel!!

Fits R1200S-R-GS-RT-ST-GS Adventure, HP2 (all) and the R-Nine-T
MWR R-Nine-T (and all other R1200 and HP2 bikes) HE Airfilter
MWR Adjustment Kit MWR-500
With the “Full Race Airfilter” we developed a product that proved to be unbeatable.

Now we have further increased the gap with the competition.

With ALL current aftermarket air filters (including the std. MWR performance filters) we have seen visual
proof and data showing the fuel from the upper injectors gets blown away due to the force of the
incoming air.

If you open your airbox after a race , you will see the inside of the airbox is entirely wet with fuel that was
blown away from the engine by excess turbulence.

With the introduction of the MWR “HE” & “R” filters it became clear that not only did all four cylinders
get the same amount of air but also the fuel flow to the upper injectors was better, further increasing
their effect, and improving performance.

Not only is the total airflow important, but also the flow of the fuel from the upper injectors. The better we
“guide” this incoming air the bigger the effect of the upper injectors, resulting in higher top speeds and
faster acceleration at high speeds.

After a long period of testing with our top teams we found that an adjustable plate could increase the
effect of the upper injectors even more, so much in fact that top speed gains of 4-5 mph are possible.

By lifting the plate at the front the incoming air is forced to go all the way up to the top of the airbox and
then falls down together with the fuel of the upper injectors so that almost no fuel is blown away from
the engine.

This effect will be optimized further by lowering the rear of the plate.

Check your airbox again after a race, and notice that your airbox is almost completely dry on the inside.

Fuel adjustments are necessary, and can require you either richening or leaning the fuel supply. This all
depends on the motorcycle, the design of the airbox, the position of the airfilter – the space between
upper injectors & stacks and whether it has variable velocity stacks or not.

However tuning is rather simple, just use the information from your lambda numbers and correct - the
power will come.

Quote from MAHI RACING TEAM INDIA (Kawasaki Factory Racing WSS 600) : “We had the filters tested
by Akira Technologies and they told us to go use them as there was a considerable improvement from
the standard race filter”.

There is one exception to the rule , the use of the adjustment kit for the 1199 Ducati Panigale with the
High Efficient & Full Race filter.

The 1199 has a difference in fuelling between front & rear cylinders of approximately 9 - 10%. The “HE”
and “R” filters drop this difference by 6%, and with use of the adjustment kit you can open up the top of
the plate and “guide” even more air to the rear cylinder. By doing this the engine becomes balanced
with only a 1-3% power differential, and the engine truly comes alive.

Fuel adjustments are necessary, fuel adjustments of each cylinder separate are necessary.

With the std. ECU & Corse ECU this is not possible, therefore we advise you use an aftermarket fueling
device with this capability.

On the dyno you will see only a small increase in performance  with this kit, because the dyno’s
airspeed simulation can only replicate a maximum speed of 90mph , yet the effect of this modification is
most noticeable at even higher speeds.

Adding the Adjustment kit MWR-500 to the “HE” filters brings for the costumers a handy extra benefit.
Customers can ride the bike with full power but when they go to a trackday at a circuit with strict noise
regulations they can drop the plate to the minimum height (9mm). By dropping the plate to the minimum
height the intake noise is reduced by 2-3 db. The performance of the bike will be in this case at the same
level as with the original air filter.

The Adjustmentkit MWR-500 includes 4 springs , 4 bolts and 4 locknuts.

Below you will see our advised basic settings for the Full Race filters. Customers can then modify the
settings to optimize the performance to their own preference. By changing the height on the rear side
you can change the character of the engine. We advise to adjust the rear of the plate not more than 2mm
at single time.

Basic settings :
For all full racefilters

MC-110-10R (BMW S1000RR): Top – 16mm / bottom - 12mm (measured from the foam)

It is quite hard to find the right settings for the High Efficient Filters because the plates are bigger . Most
of the models have limited height space because of the construction of the airbox which may impede
max adjustable height.

We advise to take the toplid off the airbox, turn it up-side-down, place the filter up-side-down in its place
and measure the distance between plate and airbox or air sensor, go from there to make the right height
adjustment - as high as possible by not hit the airbox or air sensor is advised.

Note: We advise not to use the MWR-500 kit on these models : MC-110-05HE / MC-010-09HE /MC-050-
08HE / MC-100-09HE & MC-110-10HE because it’s useless – no positive effect is going to be realized.

For custumers with the MC-010-09HE & MC-110-10HE we recommend you buy the “R” plate for more

Will not Work on the R-nine-T/ R1200 HE Filter
There are a multitude of reasons to order the MWR-500 Air Filter Adjustment kit.

Here's the short version:

And here's the long Version, including how it works, and how to set your kit:
  • More Power!!
  • Higher top speeds!!
  • Better throttle response at high speeds (above 80mph).
  • Cleaner burning engine - less wasted fuel.
  • Further balances power differentials between cylinders, adding durability/reliability (and power).
MWR Air filters for the S1000RR/HP4/S1000R
As you all know The Guys at MWR are always on the hunt for power and to keep the Factory and Race teams
happy .
They have discovered that on the “big 1000cc bikes” the OE filter surface was too small. It doesn’t matter what
filter you install, you always have a kind of restriction. The MWR “R” filter has been giving the best power
overall compared with all other sportsfilters.
With the corporation of KHI , MV Agusta and MotoGP teams they developed a new style airfilter that increases
the filter surface enormously.
On the BMW S1000RR the Surface area is increased by 50%, on the GSXR 1000, 1199 & R1 the increase is 90-100%

More & bigger surface means less restriction and better protection. The secret in the new style filters is that
they use two different kinds of foam materials. The part where the logo is printed is foam material used for our
roadbikes, the rest is the foam material for the full racefilters, placed to create the same effect as the
splitterplate on the “HE” & “R” filters. For now four models are available : BMW S1000RR / Panigale 899-1199 /
Suzuki GSXR 1000 ’09-’14 / Yamaha R1 ’09-‘14

Tests up to now show average gains of a minimum 6.5HP over the MWR “R” filters. Unfortunately no Dyno charts
are available yet
(teams don’t want to share their data with us, so please share yours with us!)

The filters are currently in use by : Tom Sykes ( 2 years now), 2014 World Champions Yamaha GMT 94, MV Agusta
World Superbike, Ryuichi Kiyonari (BSB), IOM TT Winner Micheal Dunlop, AMA Superbike team TPL Corse (
Ducati), Double 899 Cup Champions (BSB) Carl Cox/P&H Motorcycles and Dani Rivas ( CEV Superbikes, BMW)
and BMW Motorrad Italia with Sylvain Barrier.
NEW!!!! WSBK Air filter for the S1000RR/S1000R/HP4
Caution: Remapping the ECU or the Power Commander is highly

They come Pre-oiled and with all necessary screws and spacers
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You will need these to properly care for your filter.   Includes a 250ml
container of biodegradable cleaner and a 150ml can of
biodegradable oil
MWR Racing Oil and Filter Cleaner Kit
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